Coronavirus: Pornhub donates 15,000 euros for masks

The porn streaming platform Pornhub joined the collective solidarity drive by making a donation in turn to support caregivers.
While many celebrities donate or put some of their collector items up for auction to financially help the fight against Covid-19, Pornhub has also decided to give its support by donating €15,000 to the mask pool for our caregivers set up on Leetchi. This prize pool is now more than €47,000.

Nearly €90,000 in donations since the start of the pandemic

The donation from Pornhub should allow the purchase of 20,000 surgical masks and FFP2 according to the platform which explains that it has “also donated surgical masks and funds to various organizations around the world.”In all, since the start of the pandemic, the group has donated 50,000 masks and nearly €90,000 to organizations in the United States, Spain, and now France.

Scrubhub entices to wash hands
Pornhub has also launched a new site: Scrubhub. It is a parody of the original site but with people washing their hands. The goal is then to encourage as many people as possible to do the same, in prevention against the coronavirus. It is also possible to make donations on this new website, from $1 to $100. These donations flow directly to associations that “help those affected by the coronavirus. In exchange, donors receive a downloadable “invisible soap”.