Onlyfans will ultimately not ban pornographic content

OnlyFans changes its mind and will not ban sexually explicit content from its platform.

Several associations have alerted to the direct links between the site OnlyFans and pornography and even prostitution. The platform announced a few days ago the ban on sexually explicit content, including paid pornographic videos. She is now reversing her decision and backing down.

On August 19th the firm folded under pressure from financial partners like Mastercard and Visa. If Onlyfans continued to post this kind of content they would agree that credit cards can no longer be used to make payments on the site. A little push that seems to work!
This Wednesday, August 25, a reversal of the situation: the platform decided to reverse its words and allow explicit and pornographic content. Onlyfans says in a tweet the suspension of this measure that was to be applied on October 1. The company adds: “__OnlyFans stands up for inclusion and we will continue to offer hosting to all creators”.

As reported by our colleagues at Franceinfo, the platform tweeted this August 21 in support of sex workers: “The OnlyFans community would not be what it is today without you. (…) We are currently working to bring you solutions.”