Pornhub: Avengers searches increased

Pornhub: Avengers searches increased – Fans hurried to go to him, and the first numbers for Paris fell. The film passed the mark of 17,000 spectators for the first day and it is the 3rd start of the story for Parisian theaters. This portends huge scores in the rest of France. In the United States, some estimate the weekend to 285 million receipts which would be the best score of all time.

The Avengers hype is so strong that even on Pornhub the stats have exploded and especially on the searches of the characters of the film which made a spectacular jump of 2912% on April 19 compared to the average of April 15.

Pornhub even swung which were the most wanted characters and it’s no great surprise that we find Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) in the lead and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) in second position.