Saya Song gif

Saya Song gif is a small Asian thing with natural measurements and an alternative look that includes large caliber earrings and a few tattoos. Her hair is often streaked with an unnatural wild color. Saya is 5’2″ tall and weighs only 99 pounds. She has natural B-cup breasts, a 23-inch waist and a nice 34-inch ass. She is originally from South Korea but lives in America. A rather musical soul, Saya knows how to play the trumpet and the piano. Even her screams of pleasure and moans are music to our ears! Saya was already 29 years old when she entered the porn industry, but like so many other Asian girls, she has the fresh face of a freshman. She had already made her own junk at home, so she decided to get into the business and get into it. His popularity as an amateur allowed a smooth transition to a professional career. Before that, she was a stripper, which helped her realize that she was good at being a cute little tease and getting guys out. She chose her name because Saya is the name of one of her favorite anime characters, and Song is a traditional Korean name that honors her Saya wants all her fans to know that what you see on camera is pretty much what you get in real life. She really loves sex to this extent, so her performances are really what you would get in the bedroom. Of course, in porn she can make some adjustments so that the camera can get the best angles, but overall, her thirst for cock is the real deal