Leah Gotti gif

Baby-faced Leah Gotti gif is a serious smarty-pants. She graduated from high school early and went straight to college to study biotechnology and engineering. But obviously we’re more interested in the part of her life where she started undressing for the cameras. Like everything she studies, Leah has learned a lot about fucking in a short time. Not only did she lose her virginity and had her first kiss on the same night, but as soon as she turned 18, she started doing porn. A 5’2″ tall hazel haired beauty, Leah is the size of Texas in the right places: big tits and thick thighs with a fitted midsection and a tight waist. She gained her amazing body by playing softball, running track and captaining her school’s wrestling team. Nowadays, it’s boring, wrestling and crossfit that keep her physically ready to handle the industry’s giant erections, so you’d better treat this tough chick with respect. Once you get her consent, she is instantly ready to dominate or submit. While still a porn debutante, Leah drooled and fought for a silver medal in the bondage category at the 2016 Orgasmic Games. She’s sexy, she’s dirty and it gets even better. Leah’s early days in the industry prove that she is also easy to convince. Before porn, while working at a nightclub in Dallas, Gotti was hired to host an Exxxotica party where she was jokingly entered into the final round of the Miss Exxxotica pageant, and she won. Offers to do porn started coming in and, without much hesitation, she relented. You can ask her about it, or anything else, as she is known for interacting with her fans on Twitter