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For an example of a smart, gorgeous and successful businesswoman who also happens to be a porn star, you need look no further than Eva Lovia gif. Born in Los Angeles in 1989, Eva Lovia got into adult modeling in 2010, but initially it was not a positive experience. “They didn’t give me access to sales; they forced me to sign a contract and threatened not to pay me what I owed unless I did. It was a really horrible experience.”After that, Eva Lovia founded Lovia Enterprises. “Our mission is to empower women. We want them to control their careers and use their creativity to help build their brand. I give girls the creative power to direct their scenes and help with web design. Our goal is to have an extensive network of individual paid sites and possibly play reality sites. “In addition to this, she owns a restaurant and participates in several other businesses. In fact, her passion for business is matched only by her passion for her job as a porn star – something that is clearly evident if you have seen videos of Eva Lovia. “I think all degrading women with sex are over and most people want to see real sex, today’s porn is so far from that.”Eva Lovia’s scenes, at least, are just that: real, full of passion and intensity. I haven’t seen any Eva Lovia porn yet’ There’s no time like the present moment. Check out Eva Lovia’s smoldering porn scene in our fantasy series Tonight’s Girlfriend, or watch her raw and steamy performance in My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend. Whichever Eva Lovia porn video you choose, you won’t regret it – click on one of the scenes to start browsing the videos