Charlotte Sartre dredd

As you would expect from someone with the surname Charlotte Sartre dredd is gothic and she is also quite smart. At only 5’3″, 99lbs, she has small measurements of 32A-22-32, so she is a real spinner. Two years after she started making porn, Charlotte was already in more than 125 scenes, which means that she is quite motor and a shaker.Although she’s a bit of an alt and goth, she charmed her way into some of today’s top studios, including Burning Angel, Evil Angel and Filly Films.Charlotte says no one really expected her to do porn, but she was always thinking about it. She shot for about a year before making her first shoot. When she realized how much fun it was, she couldn’t say no to more opportunities. A real bisexual who kissed a girl before kissing a guy, she has had a girlfriend since before joining the porn industry. Together they would have threesomes and fours with some of the guys in town. Charlotte idolizes Sasha Gray and says that she is one of the reasons she tried porn. Outside of porn, she is studying accounting at university because she wants to have a backup career for when n porn no longer suits her. Gothic in its essence, Charlotte adores taxidermy – a common hobby of those who have a macabre meaning. Also, her Twitter name is Goth Charlotte. Not surprisingly, she is in the darkest side of sex. She says her favorite sexual position is being hung upside down and having multiple orgasms. As you can see, this is not a normal girl. She even plays dark BDSM sex games in her personal life with her girlfriends and boyfriends. Step into the dark side of sex with Charlotte