Capri Cavanni gif

Canadian cutie Capri Cavanni gif is the best thing to come out of the great white north since maple syrup. She has curves in the right places, a serious passion for fucking and the kind of gorgeous face you don’t see too often in porn. She left her hometown of Vancouver in British Columbia to start her career and escape the cold, but no one knows how you can get cold when you are already so hot! Capri is a kind of wild child, enjoying skydiving and sex in public. She also loves photography, Hello Kitty and animals, claiming that her ideal date would involve a trip to the zoo, the aquarium or the botanical garden (so take notes, gentlemen! She even has a few animals, a pit bull and a chihuahua that will run with her in the morning. Capri Cavanni has an activity that she loves more than all, however, and fortunately for us it’s fucking