Brooklyn Chase BBC

Here at we really like pretty faces, and Brooklyn Chase BBC has some in spades. With 32DD increased breasts and stunning girl-next-door features, it doesn’t take much for Brooklyn Chase to steal the show. Born in 1985 in San Diego, California, Brooklyn Chase is relatively new to the porn industry, shooting her first scene in 2012. “It was me, the male talent, the director and the cameraman. That was it. It was a very small plateau. There was no public address system, there were no lighting guys, it was very small. I did my second scene like that too. Then I shot for Penthouse and it was a totally different experience. the porn industry, she said: “I was looking for a new job. I had worked in customer service and retail for 11 years and had worked my way up through the ranks to senior management, so I figured that when I was looking for something new, even if I didn’t have a degree, that my experience would help me. And it wasn’t. I had rent to pay and car payments were due, so I was looking for a way to get money quickly. Even though I’m so shy and embarrassed, I knew other people thought I was attractive so I thought I could get naked or something like that. a hot scene to see if I could handle it and what I thought about it. I was shocked at how fun and easy it was and walked away with a check that day. Since the beginning of his career, we have produced a lot of Brooklyn Chase porn. From his first year in the industry to just a few months ago, you’ll find plenty of Brooklyn Chase. videos here on Pornosalope Whether it’s in our fantasy series My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend or My wife is my porn star, PornoSalope is the top destination for Brooklyn Chase porn. To see Brooklyn Chase porn, click on one of the scenes below and start browsing Brooklyn Chase Photos and videos